The Rise of the No-strings-attached* Relationships

No-strings-attached* Relationships

There is this movie entitled, “No Strings Attached”. Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher played the role of the lead characters of this 2011 romantic comedy. This American film is about how these two friends that had casual sex made a pact that they were not going to fall in love. These two friends failed to stick to their pact and ultimately fell in love.


This movie made the term ‘no strings attached’ popular. A lot of people want to have sex with no strings attached. Many do have such uncomplicated relationships. Some have casual sex and get emotionally attached, just like what happened in the movie.

Too busy

As people become busier pursuing their careers, many choose to defer having a serious relationship. They want to establish their financial future first. It is easy to spot these changes, as you will notice that many people marry at a later age, such as when they are in their 30s. A few decades ago, if the age of 25 you aren’t married, you are on the shelf.


The rise of no-strings-attached is due to numerous factors. The first reason is that we live in more liberated times. The next reason would be that people do not make commitments at an early age, preferring to have casual sex. The most significant factor that contributed to the rise of no strings attached relationships is because there are online dating apps and websites like have made it easy to get a hookup.

The internet

Due to the ease of communication with the use of the internet, people can get to meet others online. With the other features of messaging apps such as being able to share images and videos, to get to know each other may be done online. Gone are the days of penpals via snail mail. Now, you can send your message out in an instant.

Social networks for sex

More than messaging apps that have limitations as these are to be used for communication; there are online dating apps. These are like social networking sites for like-minded people who are searching for a mate. Their intentions are spelled out, like if they are looking for a hookup or a long-term relationship.

Emotional attachment

As we go through our daily lives, we have to deal with numerous challenges that give us stress. We all have our obligations. It can be tiring to go through so much, and we prefer to complicate our lives with more issues no longer. As we all know, relationships have their downsides. If we commit to someone, it can be a beautiful thing. However, we cannot have an emotional attachment to every sexual partner.

For casual sex

For less stress and to avoid complications, it is best to find someone who would like to indulge in casual sex. If there is a chance to make out with no strings attached, would you grab the opportunity or hesitate? There is a chance for you to do so, right now. If you want to try sex dating, you can download one of the most popular adult dating apps.